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das klingt interessant, vielleicht ewas für GPE Entwickler?

Grüße, Frank

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Subject: [rohrpost] workshop "gebaeudeorganismus - organismusgebaeude" call for participation
Date: 	Sat, 3 Jul 2004 22:45:04 +0200 (CEST)
From: 	christian faubel <chris derstrudel org>
To: 	rohrpost mikrolisten de

workshop from 24.08.04-27.08.04 call for participation:

come come come to a workshop around gebauede::a building and organismus::an organism. the building is the schokofabrik in dresden, a workplace for students, which calls to be modified, hacked, augmented transformed. the organism is something you will discover, something we want to construct. come come come and play with low-tech sensor- and motor-modules, interconnect them, install them into the schokofabrik, enable the building to sense and (re)act. come come come and bring what you think, you need to construct an organism.

we supply: sensory modules are light sensors, sound sensors, touch sensors, switches, internet remote sensors (peoples keyboards and mouses), motor modules are tiny gearmotors, 220-Volt plugs switchable with 5 V signals, little led-matrices, computer displays, loudspeakers, webpages, interconnections can be colored cables, thresholding units, oscillators, network-computer-programs...

more info at http://schokofabrik.ath.cx/workshop/workshop.html

GNOME http://www.gnome.org
Frank Rehberger <frehberg gnome-de org>

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