[gnome-db] New Versions of gda-value.c and gda-value.h

Attached you'll find the modifications in the gda-value.c and gda-value.h, is a completly rewrite of the old ones, define the macros for use in the GType system.

The code use when possible, the GValue API and register the transform functions to convert, for example, from string to Gda type and viceversa; as recommended I delete the GdaDate for GDate and not used types (like GdaMoney). Most of them, can be added as a derived one from the GType existing to manage the conversion correctly.

Please pay attention about I don't define functions to transform the GType standar types, like BOOLE and INT, I start in the point that it is exist already in the GLib, but to define a new one can create the respective functions and register them. The problem is when to register, becouse the GType system is initiated by gda_init, and then is there when the new transformation functions must be done (before the use of GDA lib API).

I haven't time to test with the copiler, but to write the core; if it is aprobed, I begin to test the GLib standar transformations from the existing GType's to G_VALUE_STRING, to validate the result; if it is not acurate as the GDA needs, I can create the *_to_string functions to register using g_value_register_transform_func, with your help, in the gda_init function.

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