Re: [gnome-db] Two questions about GnomeDbGrid

2005/10/5, Vivien Malerba <vmalerba gmail com>:
> 2005/10/4, Juan Manuel Mouriz <jmouriz gmail com>:
> > 1. Can I use GnomeDbGrid to show data instead of editing them?. I say
> > hide the update bar that it is under the grid. I do not see functions
> > in the API to do this.
> Just create the widget using gnome_db_grid_new_with_gda_model().

Why don't use g_object_set() to change some properties in the
GnomeDbGrid object to control how you want to work with the widget:
read_only, show_bar, etc.

> >
> > 2. Can I set the GnomeDbGrid sortable by clicking column headers?.
> It's not yet possible, but some work is already in the sources, commented out.
> Cheers,
> Vivien
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