Re: [gnome-db] New FieldEditor and FormEditor Wigets!

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005 10:26:03 -0600 (CST), Daniel Espinosa
<esodan yahoo com mx> wrote:
> About the New Widgets in GnomeDb, it aprears have a
> lot more functionality of the propoused ones, but the
> question is:
> ¿ Can I develope a GTK only application with the
> libraries actually in GnomeDb 1.3 series ?

>From the code reading I've done, the GnomeDbFieldEditor does roughly
the same as the GnomeDbDataEntry interface: an interface implemented
by widgets for each type of data entry, with the possibility to add
new ones through plugins (code provided in the libgnomedb sources);
and the GnomeDbFormEditor does the same as the GnomeDbForm widget, so
I don't see the point of having duplicates.

However if some features are missing, they can be added if necessary.

About you specific question, i'll say that the code is tarble enough
to write some applications, but it is still some dev. code and as any
dev. code it should not be used for production applications; there
_are_ still some bugs!

What I'd recommend is that you code a small portion of you application
with libgnomedb 1.3.x and see if it fits what you expect. You can
start with the examples/SampleApp sample application I've written (and
explained in the libgnomedb docs) as a starting point. Of course I can
give you some help if you want.



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