Re: [gnome-db] GdaXmlDatabase Patch and two new functions (libgda HEAD)

> as we talked the other day, these functions:
> > gda_table_get_fields (GdaTable *table)
> > gda_table_find_field
> would be better called get_columns/find_column


> Of course, the API addition can't go to the 1.2 branch, so don't 
> committhat part (that is, commit all to 1.2 except the 2 new 
> functions, which
> are not used in the new code, right?) to the 1.2 branch please.

Yes, the 2 new functions don't be used in the patch.

To fix the GdaXmlDatabase bug I have added a new signal to GdaTable, do
I commit this addition to 1.2???

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