[gnome-db] Problems with libgda on debian sarge ia64

I've just installed libgda on my itanium server. I've installed the following debian packages:
libgda2-dev, libgda2-common, gda2-mysql and libgda2-3.

When I run gda-test with the following config file, I get:

= Testing configuration API
Section /apps/libgda
Section /apps/libgda/Datasources/GDA-Temporary-Data-Source-0
       Key 'Provider' = 'MySQL'
Key 'DSN' = 'PORT=3306;USER=root;PASSWORD=xxxxxx;DATABASE=ossim;HOST=localhost' Key 'Description' = 'Temporary data source created by libgda. Don't remove it'
Section /apps/libgda/Datasources/Default
       Key 'Provider' = 'XML'
       Key 'Username' = 'nouser'
       Key 'DSN' = 'URI=/tmp/gnome-db-test.db'
       Key 'Description' = 'Default data source'

= Testing provider configuration API
Provider = XML
       location = /usr/lib/libgda/providers/libgda-xml.so
       description = XML provider, based on the libgda XML database format
       gda_params =Segmentation fault

I have done the same installation on a x86 machine and I have changed the config file so that the gda-test uses the itanium's database and it works OK.

I don't know if I'm doing something bad because I've never used libgda.
Any idea about what it is happening?
Would it be a good idea to compile libgda from sources?

Thanks in advanced

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