[gnome-db] Release of 1.3.9

Papyrus 1.3.9 has been released.

*About:* Papyrus is a XML-based reporting langauge for PostgreSQL and MySQL. It allows you to generate well-formatted reports in LaTeX, PDF, PostScript, HTML, ANSI, and XML. The XML is expressed in a formatting-oriented style to allow you to develop a wide range of reports. SQL is then embedded into the report to give you the desired data. Papyrus is commandline-driven, and data arguments can be passed into the report. Equations and expressions can also be carried out on data.

*Changes:* Fixed a major bug in aligmnent. Alignment can now be specified in the header cells, which will follow though to all the cells in the table. Patch by Noel Proffitt to add support for letter sized pages instead of just a4 as it was before.

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