[gnome-db] gnome-combo - how to get the selection

If select a item in the list, how do I get the text in
the entry, to use it in other query.

if I have

GnomeDbCombo *proyecto;

and use:


Is it correct, becouse gcc send me and error? and of
course I try to use

gtk_entry_get_text() to get the text, but the last
line of code don't work.

Pleas Help Me!

I'm using the next code but it send a error:

GdaDataModel *data_model;

GString *sql = g_string_new(NULL);

g_string_assign(sql, _("SELECT nombre FROM obras WHERE
//Is the next correct?



data_model = ExecQuery(sql->str);

		gnome_db_combo_set_model(GNOME_DB_COMBO(proyecto), data_model,0);

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