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On Wed, Mar 10, 2004 at 02:43:48AM +1100, msevior physics unimelb edu au was heard to remark:
> Yes we support nested tables. AFAIK we're the only word processor apart
> from MS Word that does. Neigther OOo nor Word Perfect does.

Woo hoo!  I like that!

> > Totally off-topic, but I thought I'd mention an unrelated feature:
> > in financial reports, the tables are often presented as grade-school
> > sums, with a bar between the bottom row (which contains the totals)
> > and all the rows above it.  For nested sums, the bar may be a double
> > or triple bar (to denote the grand total of subtotals).  ...
> We could add an extra feature to allow specific rows or cells to have
> extra decorations. The UI to elegantly present this feature would be a
> pain though.
> Maybe we won't ordinary users about this :-)

Well, speaking generically and hypothetically ... the user might
not want a double-line under the column, they might want a 
curly-brace to the left of the column ... or a decorative
demi-fleur-de-lis ... blah blah.  The point being that this
decorative element, if horizontal, needs to be the full width
of the column (but maybe 1/4 height) and nicely centered between
the text above/below.   If the decorative element is vertical, 
it needs to be full height but maybe thinner.

As to UI, I've used LyX for math formulas, that ui (the math 
formula UI) is adequate.   Its just a keyboard of symbols, you 
punch up the one that you want.   I dunno, time for me to stop 
wasting electrons.   

Thanks again Martin, this is all making me feel very good about 
this project.


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