Re: [gnome-db] Re: libgda .... Re: GnuCash page on GO site

> The Gnome2 port is in active development.  An incremental "release" of
> that effort -- right now -- would be pointless, since half the app
> doesn't work.  At the same time, this effort does move forward, and
> could use more contributors...

Glad to hear.  I'm a long time gnucash users, and personally know
several others.  We all have a very high opinion of GnuCash.

> > A multi-user SQL-using
> > super-application is not realistic before the end of this year.
> There's two things GnuCash is trying to accomplish that relate to this:
> 1/ Ditch the XML backend with an embedded DB backend.
> 2/ Move the in-memory-object-graph-query setup imposed by to a SQL-query
> framework.

Wouldn't GDA be a very obvious answer to this? [Of course I'm just a
user and not a developer, but being able to access GnuCash data from
systems like Mono# would be excellent].

> Both of these are not unreasonable before the end of the year. The
> Multi-User aspect isn't really super-high prio, though the above is step
> in that direction.


> > than competing products.  GnuCash... is flailing, still in Gtk1 mode
> > which is coming up to being 2 years off the pace.  Even when your
> > release it will be untested and problems will be quickly exposed by the
> > community as happens with all software.  OTOH, both AbiWord and Gnumeric
> > are well tested stable applications due to constant community review.

Using GDA would make using your GnuCash data from AbiWord or Gnumeric
trivial, since the GDA source would already be defined.  GnuCash would
almost, in practice, become part of the Office Suite.

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