[gnome-db] Re: libgda vs. gnucash [was Re: GnuCash page on GO site]

On Fri, Mar 05, 2004 at 04:33:30PM +0100, Rodrigo Moya was heard to remark:
> who said libmergeant contained all that? Dude, I think you've got no
> intention at all to share any technology with us. I am just trying to
> come up with the best way to combine efforts, and all I get from you is
> that your software is the best.

This conversation started week ago, when I said "gnucash 
cannot use gnomedb because it offers the wrong set 
of database abstractions".  I have no intention of using 
gnomedb in its current form, because it simply doesn't do 
the things we need it to do.  It was then asked "why is 
gnomedb inappropriate for gnucash" and I attempted to explain 

If you listened, you would realize that our software is crap. 
Its got many serious problems.  My flaming is in reaction to 
the word "share", which, in this chain of letters, seems to 
mean that I should rip out everything I have and replace 
it by whatever it is you have, while you lean back and chalk up 
another one.  

If you were really interested in sharing, you'd download 
bonddb and qof and dwi and gnue, and play with them a bit, 
and figure out how they work, and ask some questions about 
the database concepts that those packages employ.  But I 
get the sense that your too busy to even bother with this.

> I am losing time trying to ask you very precise questions about what
> could be done in order to share technology, and didn't get any answer,
> just flames back.

Ahh, and my time is valueless? I have spent three hours a morning
for a whole week working this email thread.  You didn't ask any 
precise questions, and I responded with very long replies,
virtually all of which were ignored.

> Also, my "it's in mergeant/doc" answer was in asnwer to your question "I
> couldn't find the libmergeant documentation".

I still can't find the libmergeant documentation.  Its not there.
I looked. Its just a user's guide.

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