Re: [gnome-db] The future patch for libgda (GdaDataModel -> GtkTreeModel)

On Fri, 2004-02-06 at 01:26 +0100, Stephane Wirtel wrote:
> Rodrigo, 
> About the patch for libgda, to convert a GdaDataModel to a GtkTreeModel (
> based on a GtkListStore).
> I can make it, but not this week-end, because it's the end of the
> Solutions GNU/Linux with strider, DV, redfox, Dodji, teuf and me :-). And
> i want to see my girl friend :-). One week in Parisi without my Girlfriend, 
> and i become crazy :-). 
> About the source code, do you want a new file in the libgda directory as
> like as "gda_data_model_to_tree_model.c" or an simple function in an
> existing file ?
yes, put it in gnome-db-model.c, and call it
gnome_db_model_to_tree_model, to keep the gnome_db_ namespace.

> So i will send you a patch from the cvs head of libgda.
ok, thanks!


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