Re: [gnome-db] WANTED: Linux Distributin with gnome-db ready to go ....

El mar, 07-12-2004 a las 20:44 -0600, hiskes freecle com escribió:
> Call me stupid, but I have never been able to get gnome-db installed
> correctly, using RPMs or not.  Is there a Linux Distribution I can get
> from or some similar source that will work out of the box? 
> If not, can I pay someone $$$$$ to prepare a "guaranteed to work" patch to
> a standard distribution, like Redhat 10?  The patch might be a single RPM
> that contains everything needed, including a compatible MySQL setup.
> Please send proposals.
> Thanks.
> Edward Hiskes
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Fedora Core 3, is the first distribution I saw to have a RPM packages
"ready to go", in version 1.0.4: you can install support for postgresql,
mysql, odbc, etc (and the default XML) sources (in my case it install
teh postgresql-libs to have support to).

The problem is: some programs like gnumeric and abiword (I don't know
planner), and Glade too, haven't support for gnome-db at installation or
any RPM package to have this support ( In my case, I need to compile
glade from the source to have support to gnome-db). In this case, the
"ready to run" is not accomplished. 

I hope to have more support, at the time of 1.2 version realice.

Daniel Espinosa Ortiz <esodan yahoo com mx>

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