[gnome-db] Dependancies on old libgnomedb when building new libgnomedb...

Hi all,

I previously had libgnomedb-1.0.4 installed when trying to build an rpm
for libgnomedb-1.1.99 (BTW, I had to modify the spec files for libgda
and libgnomedb since they don't work out of the box; if anyone's
interested in seeing them lemme know).

Once the libgnomedb-1.1.99 rpm was done building, there was a dependency
on libgnomedb-2.so.3 which was provided by the older rpm. I believe this
is a libtool snafu (whether it is a libtool bug or a usage bug, I know
not) as I've run into this problem with other packages (gtkhmtl to name
one); however, you guys may want to be aware of this problem.

Aaron Gaudio <prothonotar tarnation dyndns org>

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