RE: [gnome-db] getting mergeant to 1.0

Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> * the UI should be more document oriented, or, IMO, should just not use
> a file at all. That is, since we use data sources, it just adds
> confusion to have users opening a .mergeant file and then defining a
> data source for that file. I think we should just use data sources.
> * since mergeant keeps a lot of info in the file, and if we dont use it,
> we could have a private area ($HOME/.mergeant) where all that info is
> kept. A sort of cache, but totally transparent to users.

This might make sense from a POV of a DB administrator, i.e., this cached
information is only relevant to him and can be kept hidden.

However, from the POV a database application developer (think MS Access), it
makes sense to have a file containing the frontend application (definition
of tables, queries, forms, reports and scripts for the logic). This file can
then be distributed, supporting different DBMS but having the same database

I understand there is not much for a DB application developer in mergeant,
but the potential is there. It seems to me, "caching" this data in a
$HOME/.mergeant directory steers away from this direction, which I find a
pity, as I'm sure many windows (power) users of MS Office/Access looking at
gnome Office will.

my 0.02

Fernando Martins

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