[gnome-db] Oracle provider not closing connections ?


I have a fairly large Oracle DB with lots of entities. When I connect to
the DB from Mergeant (latest CVS), the DB synchronization popup opens
up, and after a while I start getting this error repetitively:

ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded

in a dialog box

Sometime during this period, I also get lots of messages like this on
the console (might be unrelated):
ADDED TABLE IDL_UB2$, rdata=0xa7c04d8
Position 2: Expected 8, got 14
(mergeant:17821): mergeant-WARNING **: The provider has returned the
number and/or types of data
for the FIELDS schema description.
Please contact the provider's maintainer and report the problem.
ADDED TABLE ID_GENS$, rdata=0xa7c0928
Position 2: Expected 8, got 14

Oracle version is 8.1.7


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