Re: [gnome-db] HIG issues

Hi Rodrigo,

> > - Several menu items open a window stating "not implemented, see in .....".
> >   Their existence maybe is a good reminder for you but for the user it's plain
> >   unusable.
> >
> yes, right. I'll go over all those and disable the menu items.

Please hide those (or enable them only on developer versions), disabled items 
eventually get enabled (like a paste menu item when you copied something) but
in this case they never will be.
> > - Please rename the "View" menu. It's a standard menu
> >   (menus.html#menu-standard-view)
> >
> rename? We can't use it? (sorry for asking but can't read the document
> right now)

The HIG specifies 
"The View menu contains only items that affect the user's view of the
current document."
and gives a generic view menu with two items whether the toolbar and
statusbar are visible and a lot of items about "content presentation".

IMHO Mergeants View Menu is not about visual aspects it's about something
else. At the moment I can't come up with a suitable name all I can say is
that "View" is a reserved name.

If you don't mind I'll file a bug for this one too.

> > - On my machine not every toolbaritem is visible, the "R" of "Rollback
> >   transaction" is the last visible letter.
> >
> hmm, you've got 'Text with icons' setting for toolbars? That's a global
> problem, which we can't solve. I personally have 'Icons only'.

I wondered because most applications I use have more than four icons in
their toolbar and don't have a problem displaying everything. They seem to set
the width of the icon&text widget to the width of the text while mergeant sets
the width of every icon&text widget to the width of the largest text in the 


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