Re: [gnome-db] OleDB

On Mon, 2003-05-12 at 17:39, Jean-Michel POURE wrote:
> Le Lundi 12 Mai 2003 17:16, C.J. Collier a écrit :
> > I was talking with one of my friends at MS R&D, and he tells me that
> > Microsoft's OleDB does much the same thing as libgda.  I'm trying to get
> > in contact with some of the OleDB devs and get them interested in
> > libgda.  Perhaps we can collaborate.  It would be cool to take advantage
> > of all the work MS has probably put into this project.
> Are you serious? If I were you, I would not contact these friends, as MS 
> ***might*** intend to "patent" some GnomeDB underlying ideas. This is my 
> personal oppinion, GnomeDB developers might have a different one.
I personally don't mind them looking at the source code, of course,
assuming they're not going to harm us in any way.

Apart from that, there's nothing we can gain from them looking at the
code, since we can't do the same with theirs.


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