Re: [gnome-db] experimental mSQL provider

On Sat, 2003-05-10 at 23:54, Danilo Schoeneberg wrote:
> nope, that Danilo, certainly isn't me - i know that there is someone on 
> the Gnome desktop team using that handle, but its definitely not me, so 
> if you coul create one for me, it'd be great - thanx :)
somewhere in (sorry, don't know the right
url), there are instructions on applying for a CVS account. Just follow
those instructions, which are mainly to send a crypted password to
cvsmaster gnome org, CCing your maintainer (that's me in this case).

Just make sure you CC me so that I approve the request. And also note
that it gets a little long to actually get the account :-( So, send the
request ASAP :-)


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