[gnome-db] Fixing not properly fixed bug...

I have found that the little bug I found a month ago while connecting to
databases using gda postgresql provider wasn't fixed properly in the CVS
(and, as consequence, in version libgda 0.11).

The bug still continues in line 400 in gda-postgres-provider.c

The original (gda 0.10) version was:
 	if (!pq_pwd || pq_pwd != '\0')

Now, in gda 0.11 it is:
 	if (!password || password == '\0')

But  the correct code must be:
 	if (!password || *password == '\0')
or, if you want,
	if (!password || password[0] == '\0')

I'm sorry for having discovered libgda 0.11 version hasn't fixed the bug... 
We will wait till 0.12... 


David Marín Carreño <david aspl es>
Advanced Software Production Line, S.L.

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