[gnome-db] Re: patch for libgnomedb headers

> On Mon, 2003-06-30 at 14:23, Dom Lachowicz wrote:
>> > hmm, we've got, in libgda, a XML format to create
>> > .connection files
>> > which contain all necessary information to connect
>> > to the database. We
>> > can easily add there info for commands to be run.
>> >
>> > We've got also the XML query format, which although
>> > not use too
>> > extensively, it works pretty well. So, we can make a
>> > GUI to design the
>> > query, save that query to a file and run it over
>> > from the command line.
>> > It shouldn't be hard at all.
>> >
>> > What would be needed in the abiword part to do this?
>> In order of precedence:
>> 1) Some glue code to pass this data to GDA and then
>> get back a result set
> hmm, we can have an importer in abiword for the GDA file format. Would
> that work?
>> 2) Some code to easily define the field names (you've
>> already mentioned the field-picker GUI that you intend
>> to work on)
> I'm working on this right now.
>> 3) A GUI to easily create queries (though doing this
>> in Mergeant and saving the query in a way #1 can
>> recognize would definitely be preferable)
> yes, that's also a possibility. We can make abiword understand mergeant
> files and import from them.

Could you point me to something that describes the mergeant file format?

If it's anything like a decent XML-ized table structure, it shouldn't be
hard to write an importer for it.

It's got to be easier than RTF.



> cheers

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