Re: [gnome-db] Re: SQL command history

On Tue, 2003-01-21 at 09:27, Vivien Malerba STNA 7FD M204 wrote:
> Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> > Right now, the SQL command history on the SQL page is not saved
> between
> > sessions, so you lose all of them as soon as you close Mergeant.
> > 
> > I wanted to change that, and came up to a doubt, which is where to
> store
> > them. That is, for the gnome-db front end, they were saved in GConf,
> > with the rest of the configuration, but since in Mergeant we are using
> a
> > file, I wonder if that should be added to the file, so that if you
> send
> > the file to another person, he/she will get also the list of commands.
> > 
> > So, what do you think? Vivien, what would be needed to add that to the
> > mergeant file format? Do I have to extend the DTD, right?
> I have a short and a long answer, the long is better!
> The short answer to this is yes, I also prefer to store the SQL query in
> the opened file.
> Here is the longer answer:
> For now, it is possible to create queries in mergeant (thay appear in
> the 'Queries' page); these queries can be of the following 'type': DATA
> Selection, DATA insertion, DATA update, DATA Delete, UNION, INSERSECT,
> etc of other sub queries, and SQL only query. 
> I've concentrated my work only on the first type mentionned above. The
> latest is also possible but it is very poor.
> What I propose is the following:
> -> we store the SQL queries history of the 'SQL console' somewhere in
> the XML file (needs a modification of the DTD)
yes, I was thinking something like <sql_history>

> -> when the user clicks on the 'save to disk' icon (the one in the SQL
> console), mergeant creates a new query which appears in the 'Queries'
> tab with a type of 'SQL only', this means adding a dialog to ask for a
> query's name (this needs no modification of the DTD). Maybe we nned to
> change the icon to something more meaningfull.
oh, that's a nice idea, really. Although I would offer the choice to
save to disk, since that might still be useful for some people.

> -> we remove the 'open file' icon
the same as before: in some cases, opening a file from disk is useful,
so I would still offer the 2 choices.

> How does it sound?
really cool. So, added to my TODO list, and will be working on it as I
progress with the other tasks.


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