Re: [gnome-db] Re: Multiple queries in report stuff

>>>Do you think that this could be interesting, or it's better not to
>>>reinvent the wheel and do the same that other engines ?
>>I really like what you propose, it is much more powerfull and easy to
>>understand. It is also very easy to generate from mergeant (and making a
>>graphical tool to create reports would be easy).
>oh, cool to hear, but could you ellaborate a bit more on why it would be
>easy to do? I think we really need a graphic reporting tool before 1.0,
>and given the work Santi is putting on the GDA part, it would be really
>cool if adding a GUI for that is easy.

I know I would *LOVE* to see a report builder for GNOME in 1.0.  I'm just a
user, but I can assure you we've tried just about every reporting tool that will
run on Linux, and they are all pretty bad; slow, buggy, bizarre output formats,
etc...  Anything akin to the quality of meargent would be great,  even if from
the beginning it didn't have every bell & whistle.

>So, please, tell us why is it so easy so that we can start implementing
>it. :-)

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