Re: [gnome-db] any chance of 0.8.199-1.src.rpm

>>>Is there any chance these could be uploaded there?
>>I'll try an make these today.  Sorry, got a little distracted by that
>>paying-day-job thing.
>I just put RH7.2 (should work on any 7.x with decen GNOME2 libs) up my 
>LUGs FTP server if someone wants to yank them over the GNOME-DB.
>The FTP server is connection limited, so it may require some patience.
>I created these by "rpm -bs {specfile}" using the same specfile I used to 
>create the binary RPMs.  I've never made source RPMs, so let me know if 
>that is the incorrrect way to go about it (seemed right from "man rpm")

RedHat 8.0 SRC RPMs posted now too.

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