Re: [gnome-db] Figured out the problem?

On Fri, Nov 15, 2002 at 08:59:44PM +0100, Antonio G. - Geotronix wrote:
> Hi. 
> If I remember correctly with gnome-db-0.2x I could connect to more than
> one DB at the same time. With mergeant 0.8.199 I can't do that anymore.
> I presume this is going to be solved in future versions....

It's not on the TODO list et the moment because you can achieve the same result by
running two instances of mergeant. However if we decide to implement
things like data copying from a table to another one, then it may be
interesting to be able to connect to two databases at the same time.

> BTW. Some days ago I posted a mail telling that I wasn't able to view
> table data in the "Tables & Views" tag when pressing the "View records
> for the selected table" button. 
> Vivien had asked me to post some table data and the connected table
> structure. Have you had time to figure out the problem? Is it my problem
> or a presumable bug even though I would exclude this as you told me that
> all you guys were viewing table data correctly. The only meens I can
> view table data in mergeant is by formulating a SQL query in the SQL
> tag.

I made the test and it ran without a problem. Since you are talking
about a "View records for the selected table" button, I think you have a
rather outdated version of mergeant. Please try with the CVS version
(the buttons now do contain icons rather than text).

Keep me updated.



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