Re: [gnome-db] Great work guys.

* mercoledý 06 novembre 2002, alle 22:17, Rodrigo Moya scrive:
> On Wed, 2002-11-06 at 01:21, Antonio G. - Geotronix wrote:
> > Beatiful work guys. Linux was lacking an interface to DB data and this
> > is a real good one. How ever I just upgraded to 0.8.199 on Woody and
> > noticed that I can't see anything when I click on "View records of
> > selected table" in "Tables and Views" windows.
> > Is it a bug or is it still not implemented?
> > 
> hmm, that works for me, and should work for you. Could you please tell
> us the structure of the table? And does it not display anything at all?
> an empty window?

Yes, a small window pops up with only the arrow buttons, etc. in it. No
data at all is displayed. THe data was created in POstgres DB (RH7.2
version, I think ver. 7.1.x), exported with pg_dump and reimported in
Postgresql 7.2.x (Woody) with 'psql -d <database> -f database.dump'.
The data contained is simple. About 8-10 columns, INT4, STRING, VARCHAR,
CHAR, DATE, nothing else.
If I make a SELECT in the SQL windows, data pops out correctly in the
underlying window.
Hope this helps. If I can do more I'll try my best :-)


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