Re: [gnome-db] gnomedb & gnumeric/openoffice/abiword

On Fri, 2002-05-31 at 17:17, William Tihen wrote:
> Hello,
> Can someone describe to me how to use the gnomedb inside gnumeric as is
> demonstrated on the web page -- I find no description on how to invoke
> that coolness.  
if I haven't forgotten:

Select, in gnumeric, the range of rowsXcolumns that you want to get from
the database (yes, that's a shortcoming right now, since you must know
in advance what the database would return). Once the range is selected,
enter as the expression for it:

=execSQL("datasource_name","username","password","SELECT * FROM table")

and then, press SHIFT+INTRO

> Also is something similar possible with open office and
> or abiword?
not yet, but we're working on a plugin system for all GNOME Office
applications (gnome-office module in GNOME CVS), which wil include all
the infrastructure for sharing data between all those apps. And, of
course, one of the things will be a plugin for database access, which
would be used in any GNOME Office applications.


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