Re: [gnome-db] Removed GdaRecordset from postgres

On Wed, 2002-05-08 at 05:26, Gonzalo Paniagua Javier wrote:
> 	Hi!
> 	I tried to replace GdaRecordset by GdaDataModel and this is the
> 	result.
> 	It works with gda-test (well, changing some GDA_IS_RECORDSET by
> 	GDA_IS_DATA_MODEL in model.c).
> 	Only a couple of functions hanging around:
> 	gda_recordset_get_command_type and _text.
heh, good point. This could make us cancel the removal of GdaRecordset.
Could you please do a grep and see where those functions are used?

> 	If the patch is ok, what should i do with these functions?
> 	If it's not ok, well, it has been funny :-)...
hmm, anyway, it looks ok to use directly a GdaDataModel on the
providers. The only thing is that we must make sure we always expect a
GdaDataModel on the client side, and not a GdaRecordset, or a lot of
GDA_IS_* checks would fail.

So, I think it's ok if you commit the postgres part, but please wait to
see how we can solve the gda_recordset_get_command_type and _text
functions stuff.


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