Re: [gnome-db] patch: config write support + get_n_rows + fixes

On Sun, 2002-05-05 at 20:56, Gonzalo Paniagua Javier wrote:
> 	Hi!
> 	Here is a patch containing changes to:
> 		* A couple of sgml files (?).
> 		* libgda/gda-config.c: write config support. Writes the
> 		configuration file every set_* call.
this one is ok

> 		* libgda/gda-recordset.[ch]: added get_n_rows_func to
> 		private recordset structure, changed
> 		gda_recordset_get_n_rows () to call the new one. Fixes
> 		in get_value_at.
this one, as I told you on IRC, is not ok, since I am doing many changes
in the GdaRecordset stuff, which will disappear, since adding
get_n_rows, etc to gda-recordset is just redundant, since that can be
done perfectly using only GdaDataModel's.

> 		* libgda/gda_row.c: remove assert in
> 		gda_row_attributes_get_length(). There can be empty
> 		recordsets (it printed a CRITICAL for drop statements).

> 		* updated postgres and mysql recordsets to support
> 		get_n_rows.

> 	With this changes, gda-test runs again without problems.
> 	Comments?
please commit everything except the gda-recordset stuff.


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