Re: [gnome-db] compiling libgda 0-2.95

Try using the latest version 0.2.95.

Can I see your make file?

Are you using this character (left apostrophe?) ===> ` 
which is at the top left keyboad which is beside number 1 and !.

Do not use this character (right apostrophe?) ===> '

When I compile, I use something like:

gcc -Wall -g `gda-config --cflags client` program.c \ 
  -o program `gda-config --libs client`

On Wed, 2002-02-06 at 09:44, gnome oldunreal com wrote:
> while compiling the sources i always get the message of missing files.
> At least these files are not found : GDA-common.c, GDA-skel.c and GDA.h and 
> some others i can't remind atm 
> anyone else experienced that problem ?
> i tried with any version down to 0-2.90, same errors.
> No idea yet why or, how to fix.

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