Re: [gnome-db] Access files

Do a google gov search for 'access 97 download' or something close.  It'll 
turn up a bunch of government databases in Access format, many with *gasp*
accompanying documentation! ;-)

By the way, I'm back from my hiatus and working on MDB Tools again and 
will be adding write support Real Soon Now (tm), along with some bug fixes 
and such.  Also the graphical tool (gmdb) has been ported to Gnome2 and 


On 26 Dec 2002, Rodrigo Moya wrote:

> Hi
> I am trying to work a little bit on the mdb provider (for MS access
> files) and, as I don't have MS Access, I don't have any .mdb file to
> test with.
> Can somebody please send me a .mdb file? It would be really handy if, at
> least, it contained a few tables, procedures, etc.
> cheers
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