Re: [gnome-db] cygwin update

Fernando Martins wrote:
Margus Všli wrote:

With libgda, you apply the patch attached (./configure didn't
find postgres libs, but that needs further investigation).

As for the postgres libraries, one of the problems was the name of the
library itself, pq.dll and a second problem is that ./configure assumes both
lib and include are sub-dirs of a common directory, which is not the case in
cygwin: the lib (pq.dll) is /bin and the header (libpq-fe.h) is in

See bellow the modifications I made in my ./configure file. They were
working 1 month ago but after returning from holidays I had severe problems

With the cost of making you depend on cygwin psql builds, you could
apply the patch attached to solve the problem at its roots.

Now, for my surprise I found cygwin's glibc dll-s not including
atoll() (but the headers still include them)!?
providers/postgres/utils.c +158
Any ideas?

RCS file: /cvs/gnome/libgda/,v
retrieving revision 1.174
diff -u -r1.174
---	20 Aug 2002 22:40:57 -0000	1.174
+++	22 Aug 2002 14:47:00 -0000
@@ -230,6 +230,19 @@
 if test $try_postgres = true
 	AC_MSG_CHECKING(for Postgres files)
+	case $host_os in
+	cygwin*)
+		if test -f /usr/bin/pq.dll && test -f /usr/include/libpq-fe.h
+		then
+			AC_MSG_RESULT(found cygwin Postgres)
+			postgresdir=$dir
+			POSTGRES_LIBS="-lpq"
+		else
+			AC_MSG_WARN(Postgres backend not used)
+		fi	
+	;;
+	*)
 	for d in $dir /usr /usr/local/postgres /opt/postgres /opt/packages/postgres /disk/postgres /usr/local/pgsql
 		if test -f $d/lib/
@@ -259,6 +272,7 @@
 		POSTGRES_LIBS="-L${postgresdir}/lib -lpq"
+	esac
 AM_CONDITIONAL(POSTGRES, test x$postgresdir != x)

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