Re: [gnome-db] mergeant CVS module

Le lun 19/08/2002 à 00:35, Rodrigo Moya a écrit :
> hi
> I've now created the mergeant CVS module, which now contains what is on
> the gasql branch of gnome-db.
> So, any work you do in the gASQL/gnome-db-fe integration, please do it
> in this new module, not in the gasql branch.

I've checked out the new module and there are some warnings (the files
are OK): it normally checks out each file and then it warns about
conflicts for all these files. An extract is:

cvs server: Updating mergeant/src
U mergeant/src/
U mergeant/src/canvas-base.c
U mergeant/src/canvas-base.h
U mergeant/src/canvas-field.c
U mergeant/src/canvas-field.h
U mergeant/src/canvas-query-join.c
U mergeant/src/canvas-query-join.h
U mergeant/src/canvas-query-view.c
U mergeant/src/canvas-query-view.h
cvs server: Updating mergeant/src
cvs checkout: move away mergeant/src/; it is in the way
C mergeant/src/
cvs checkout: move away mergeant/src/canvas-base.c; it is in the way
C mergeant/src/canvas-base.c
cvs checkout: move away mergeant/src/canvas-base.h; it is in the way
C mergeant/src/canvas-base.h
cvs checkout: move away mergeant/src/canvas-field.c; it is in the way
C mergeant/src/canvas-field.c
cvs checkout: move away mergeant/src/canvas-field.h; it is in the way
C mergeant/src/canvas-field.h
cvs checkout: move away mergeant/src/canvas-query-join.c; it is in the
C mergeant/src/canvas-query-join.c
cvs checkout: move away mergeant/src/canvas-query-join.h; it is in the
C mergeant/src/canvas-query-join.h
cvs checkout: move away mergeant/src/canvas-query-view.c; it is in the
C mergeant/src/canvas-query-view.c
cvs checkout: move away mergeant/src/canvas-query-view.h; it is in the
C mergeant/src/canvas-query-view.h

Any idea why?



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