Re: [gnome-db] Should libgnomedb also be renamed?

On Sun, 2002-08-11 at 19:32, Jorge Ferrer wrote:
> Hi,
> After the latest architerctural and name changes the GNOME-DB project is 
> composed of:
> libgda -> Data access library (GNOME independent)
> libgnomedb -> Data access widgets for GNOME
> Mergeant -> Data modelling tool
> I like the names of libgda and Mergeant but libgnomedb has two flaws
> - It does not make clear its function
> - It is the only one of the three modules whose name includes the name of the 
> project (gnome-db). Is there a good reason for that?.
> I'd propose changing its name to something such as libdbwidgets or 
> libgnomedbwidgets.
> What do you think?
some time ago, Carlos and I talked about renaming it to libgdaui, but
the name seems not very good. Apart from that, even though it includes
gnome-db in the name, it doesn't have to implicitly refer to gnome-db,
but to 'GNOME database'. So, my vote is not to change the name :-)


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