Re: [gnome-db] Documentation

On Tue, 2002-08-06 at 17:28, Xabier Rodriguez Calvar wrote:
> I send the patch with the changes to the documentation and some files
> that must be included in libgda/doc/C .

Looks really nice, thanks a lot! Only one thing, which is that you
removed the TABLE describing the different schemas for the get_schema
function. Why?

so, please, make sure you don't remove them, and send your patch again,
and I'll commit it.

Also, I was thinking that maybe it is better to separate the
libgda-docs.sgml file into some files, as you did with tutorial*.sgml.
But, I'd prefer to split it into chapters, not small parts. So, if
you've got nothing against it, could you please copy the tutorial*.sgml
files' content and paste it into libgda-docs.sgml? Then, we'll split the
file into logical parts (chapters, appendices, etc)


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