Re: [gnome-db] First try for a developer's guide

On Wed, 2002-07-31 at 10:22, Malerba_Vivien stna dgac fr wrote:
> Hi!
> During the holidays I've started to write a developer's guide for
> Egnima. At the moment it is very simple but can still be usefull to help
> enter into the code. I plan to add more on the objects and widgets of
> egnima and maybe libgda and libgnome-db (I don't know if having more
> textual explanations than what is produced by gtk-doc is sth developpers
> want).
> I've put it into the CVS of gnome-db (gasql branch) under DevGuide.
it would be really nice to have this published on the web site. Let me a
couple of days, and I'll try to integrate it in the web build so that it
gets published with the other content.


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