Re: [gnome-db]libgda-0.2.10 problem

On 22 Jun 2001 23:04:55 +0200, Gerhard Dieringer wrote:
> Hi Rodrigo,
> I just installed libgda-0.2.10 (with postgres provider), but I have the
> following new problem:
> In the old version I allways had the problem that the first connect failed
> and then all
> following connects worked. But now with the new version every second
> connection fails:
> 1. fails, 2. works, 3. fails, 4. works and so on.
> Any ideas?
yes, as the providers are now terminated when no connections are left, it seems
you're experiencing the "first connect failed" problem, so it fails on
the 3rd, 5th, etc, which is the first attempt after having terminated
the provider for the previous connection.

This should be fixed now (in my system it works), so please tell me
which versions you're using of oaf & ORBit, to see if I can find
something that makes sense.


Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> - <rodrigo ximian com> -

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