Re: [gnome-db]Solaris 8 install

On 05 Jun 2001 17:04:05 -0400, Mak, Donald (IBK-NJ) wrote:
> I downloaded gnome 1.4 for solaris and installed it. Gnome_db is installed but when I run it I can't select or create any db connections.
> Looking in the ../gnome/etc/CORBA/servers directory I didn't see a gnome_db.gnorba file. 
hmm?? what version of gnome-db are you using? since, we haven't used
libgnorba (/etc/CORBA/servers) for a long time.

You should instead look at /usr/share/oaf (or whatever directory OAF is
using on your system), which is where the .oaf files (the files where
the components are described) are installed.

If there are some GNOME_DB_* or/and GNOME_GDA_* files, gnome-db/libgda
is installed ok. If not, try to find them and copy them to the correct

> I looked at an old one on line and copied it's contents to a file I created in the above directory. This didn't work. 
> How do I set up gnome_db? I don't see any documentation... I'm trying to get and Oracle connection. I do have Oracle sqlplus 8 installed on the system if Oracle library files are required.
if you install the latest release (0.2.9), you'll have a wizard which guides you
through all the process of setting the whole thing up. If you're using an older
version, just click on the Manager button (on the left toolbar), and fill up the
fields that appear, and then click the small "New" button. But well, I guess that
this won't work for you, since the components don't seem to be installed.

Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> <rodrigo ximian com>

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