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On 30 Jan 2001, Carlos Perell  Marín wrote:

> El 29 Jan 2001 23:24:11 +0100, Jorge Ferrer Zarzuela escribió:
> [...]
> > > yes, in the gnome-db/www/include directory.
> > > 
> > I meant the stats pages. I haven't found them in CVS. I suppose this is
> > because they are part of the webalizer package.
> Yes, you are right, but i could open an account at and you
> could play with it.
That would be great. Anyway I've thought of a simpler way to give the
stats (and other external page) a gnome-db look with a simple php page
which adds the header and footer and includes the file (I've already coded
it, just 3 lines of code). This could be used for the online documentation

> > > In fact, what we could do is to set up an Apache virtual host
> > > ( so that you can put online your work there for all
> > > of us to see/discuss about it. Carlos, can you set it up, please?
> > > 
> > That's a great idea.
> Ok, i will do it this night, but i don't control the DNS records (at
> this moment). It will be available tomorrow (i hope)

I've already made some changes. Please take a look at them at:

Main changes are in the index.php page. I've added the news (manually yet)
and direct links to download ftp directories and the manuals. I've used
some of tigert's icons. If you don't like having icons I'll remove them
(but they are easier to hit than text, aren't they?).

I've also added a few pixels of space among the options in the menu so
that it's harder to click the wrong item.

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> Carlos Perelló Marín
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PD: In my PHP instalation include/html.php cannot be found unless I put
symbolic links in every directory (you can try to wach the documentation
page in the url above to know what i mean). Do you know why this happens?

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