[gnome-db]Bugzilla && libgda && gnome-db

Hello guys, we are pleased to announce that we have migrate our debbugs
to bugzilla, then if you visit:


you will be able to see our buglist, all the actual bugs are very old
and was unmanteined. We want to use all the power of Bugzilla and
Rodrigo & me were talking about it.

Bugzilla take us the oportunity to define subprojects inside gnome-db
and libgda modules, we were thinking in make something like:

Package --> gnome-db

Component --> forms

Package --> libgda

Component --> postgres provider
                       MySQL provider
                       Oracle provider

Then, one component will had a particular maintainer wich will be the
main developer for this provider/part. To make this possible, you need a
bugzilla account, please go here
http://bugzilla.gnome.org/createaccount.cgi and create one. To get admin
privileges and be able to manage your bugs you need to things: send an
email to        Martin Baulig <martin home-of-linux org> and ask him for
privileges or when you create your account, use your gnome-db.org email
account and automaticly you will get admin privileges (you don't need
admin privileges if you will be only reporting bugs).

The question is: Which components need us? and Do you like the idea I
have exposed here?

Please, send us comments about it. At this moment bugzilla is being
testing, please don't change anything (only add new components or
something like that, but don't change the bugs until Martin tell us we
could do it).


Carlos Perelló Marín
mailto:carlos gnome-db org
mailto:carlos hispalinux es
Valencia - España

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