Re: libgal2

On 07 Jan 2001 17:55:41 -0500, Jim Leigh wrote:
> The scoop is that I removed the libgal3 (that was from helixcode's
> evolution) and install debain's unstable libgal2 and install gnome-db 2.1
> deb package from using apt-get.
> I noticed that gnome-db does not require bonobo, but requires libbonobo2. 
> gnomedb-fe would reports errors without the  bonobo package and come up
> none functional with nothing loaded.  Then after installing bonobo 0.30-1
> gnome-db works great with libgal2.  Maybe adding bonobo package to the deps
> list should be considered.
> I also add tagoh's debs to my apt-source.list and upgraded to gnome-db_2.2
> with libgal3, but it could not load the sections of gnome-db either.  So I
> down grated back to gnome-db_2.1 with libgal2.
> With gnome-db_2.1 I still get errors, but these are gtk critical errors not
> bonobo critical errors.
> Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkclist.c: line 1282 (gtk_clist_column_titles_show):
> assertion `clist != NULL' failed.
> The program seems to work fine, but gnome-db_2.1 seems to like my bonobo
> classes better then 2.2.
> I am going to keep 2.1 for a while.  Thanks for your help.
there was an error in the source tarball in 0.2.1 that will prevent some parts

to work well, so you should try to install 0.2.2, although maybe the
packages made by Akira don't include that bug, I don't know. Do you
experience any CORBA problems while, for example, executing a SQL
command in the database tab? if not, you can safely use 0.2.1


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