Re: Connecting to Postgres

On 05 Jan 2001 08:53:53 -0500, Jeff Walls wrote:
> Ok, I admit it, I'm stupid.
> I am trying to use gnome-db on RH 6 using Postgres 7.0 as my database.
> Could someone give me a little hint on what I put in the GDA name field
> in the manager screen?
> Everything I try comes back with a data source not found.
> I have a name configured for PG and a database called test with 2
> tables. 
> I can access this DB and tables with psql from the command line.
> What am I doing wrong or missing?
maybe it's nothing to do with the DSN name, but with the DSN string, which is

maybe incorrect. What does it look like?

If not, maybe it's a problem with gconf, which is the system used to
store configuration. Have you got a gconf process running when
gnomedb-fe is running?


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