Can't install gnome-db-0.2.2 because of libdb2 -- help needed!

Newbie here taking the Linux leap. Chose GNOME over KDE, so trying to get my
RH 7 box set up. Need someone's sage advice PLZ.

Trying to install gnome-db-0.2.2, I get an error when installing the compiled
RPM I downloaded from gnome-db

Error: failed dependencies: is needed by gnome-db-0.2.2-1
After much investigation, including finding a ref to the lib out on, I went to the gnome-db mailing list archives and did a search for
libdb2.  Lo and behold, a conversation.  Vivien Malerba had the same problem,
and presto, Rodrigo Moya responded with this bit of info:

> this is linked with the GNOME libraries, that is, there is not a
> explicit -ldb2 in gnome-db
> Makefiles. I guess this is my fault, for having built the RPMs in a
> Debian machine. So, it
> would be good if you could rebuild them from the SRPM. This is done
> with:
> rpm --rebuild file.src.rpm

Cool.  A new path.  I d/l the source for gnome-db-0.2.2 and ran the command. 
Now it replies with:

checking for GDA... configure: error: libGDA is needed to compile GNOME-DB

Interesting, as I had just installed using rpm the libgda package.  In fact,
rpm -q libgda indicates that libgda-0.2.2-1 _is_ installed.


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