[gnome-db]Re: [Glade-devel] how to extend gnome-db support?

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, rodrigo gnome-db org wrote:

> > > yes, please, do so. You can either ask here (on glade-devel) or on the
> > > gnome-db-list (gnome-db-list gnome org).
> > >
> > > What problems are you having right now? compiling issues?
> >
> > No, no. I had trouble to get a gda connection. For example, I was
> > unable to use gnomedb-fe, because my libxml was outdated. Now it works.
> >
> > Right now, I'm not sure how to intergrate gnomedbbrowser: in order
> > to add a new gnomedbbrowser widget, you will be asked for a
> > gda-connection (gnome-db-login) and then this will be used somehow.
> > 'somehow' means I don't know right now.
> >
> I'm not sure neither about this. We should find a way to have this automatically
> specified when designing in Glade. Maybe we could add properties to the widget (in
> Glade) to specify the GDA data soource to use, username and password. And then, have
> the GnomeDbBrowser-related code in Glade, open the connection when created.

I have started to do so, but run out of ideas for creating the source.
It needs a Gda_Connection for creating a new gnome_db_browser widget. I
guess it's not a good idea to write it like this:

source_add (data, "Gda_Connection *cnc;\n");
source_add (data, "cnc = cnc = gda_connection_new(bonobo_orb());\n");
source_add (data, "  %s = gnome_db_browser_new (cnc);\n", data->wname);


Daniel Wagner
email: wagi gmx ch

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