Re: [gnome-db]database.dtd

On 12 Feb 2001, Rodrigo Moya wrote:

> > Please tell me when it's available. I have an awk parser to convert
> > standard ddl to xml according to the current gda-xml-query.dtd and I'd
> > like to port it to the final version.
> >
> well, that's wonderful! We should think on a way to integrate your work, if

Now it works for simple cases. I'm improving it to support the complete
grammar. It's an ongoing work.

> you want, into the GDA API, for having a simple way of converting from
> DDL to XML, and viceversa, which will be very useful for the providers
> when implementing the XML queries. This is because, for SQL-based
> providers, implementing the XML queries should be just calling:
> gda_command_execute(cmd, gda_xml_query_to_sql(xml));
> so, please tell us how you think this integration could be done.

The best approach would be to have a flex/bison parser but that's out of
my immediate scope right now. Once I have a working awk parser for
"create" I'll post it to get some feedback.

One suggestion: I think that we should split the current query dtd in two
parts: one for DDL (create) and another one for DML that includes the
former. This way the generated XML from my scripts could be validated
against the more compact DTD. It's a very small but useful change.


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