Re: [gnome-db] Database Objects

On Wed, 2001-12-26 at 17:23, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> > I18N related: should we allow the user to choose what in language to
> > get/set the descriptive information or just respect the default locale
> > setting?
> > 
> > I mean, should we go with: 
> > 
> > (I) - gda_xml_database_set_short_description (GdaXmlDatabase *xmldb,
> > const gchar *user_input);
> > 
> > or
> > 
> > (II) - gda_xml_databse_set_short_description (GdaXmlDatabase *xmldb,
> > const gchar *user_input, const gchar *language);
> > 
> I think we coud just use the GdaParameterList's for this, and have the
> client specify a language in the parameters, or if not specified,
> neither by the client nor in the XML file, use the default locale.

According to my modified xmldb file, an entity (database, table, etc...)
has a name (which will be equal to the name in the underlying db, that
is, never localized). Only the descriptive (user visible) info is

So, do you mean these functions could take a GdaParameterList? I don't
see the reason to use a list of parameters when we only have one

So, if I'm not missing something here, I guess we should go with (II)
and use the default locale if 'language' is NULL.

Is this ok?

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