[gnome-db] gdafield &dbgrid & timestamp

Hi friends...

I have a postgres table like this:

CREATE TABLE "test" ( "timedate" timestamp NOT NULL);

INSERT INTO test VALUES ('25/12/2001');
INSERT INTO test VALUES ('31/12/2001');
INSERT INTO test VALUES ('31/12/2001 23:59:59');

and this source code:

GdaRecordset *rs = gda_recordset_new ();
time_t t;
gda_recordset_set_connection (rs, cnc);
gda_recordset_open_txt (rs, "select * from test",
gda_recordset_move_first (rs);
while (!gda_recordset_eof (rs))
  t = gda_field_get_timestamp_value (gda_recordset_field_idx (rs, 0));
  g_print ("timedate: %s\n",str_timedate_from_time_t(t)); 

char * 
str_timedate_from_time_t (time_t t)
	struct tm *tm;
	static char isotime [40];

	tm = localtime (&t);
	strftime (isotime, sizeof (isotime)-1, "%d/%m/%Y-%H:%M:%S", tm);
	return isotime;

the output is:

timedate: 31/12/1969-20:59:59
timedate: 31/12/1969-20:59:59
timedate: 31/12/1969-20:59:59

with a dbgrid:
( snapshot.jpg )

what is the problem ???

I hope your help !!


Juan Andres

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