[gnome-db] Oracle 8 and Sql

Hi guys

I have compiled succefully libgda 0.2.93 on slackware 8.0 linked against 
Oracle 8i libs.
After that, the gda-test program can connect to a database server
and list some tables as diferents users

Good job guys !!!!!!

opening table schema...

This database has following tables:
Name=AUDIT_ACTIONS                 	Comments=Description table for audit 
trail action type codes.  Maps action type numbers to action type names  

So i decide to add a simple sql query in gda-test.c after get the above 
messages like this:
    GdaCommand * micomando;
    GdaRecordset* mirecordset;
    gulong recount;
    gulong flag;

     micomando = gda_command_new(); 
     gda_command_set_connection (micomando,cnc);
     gda_command_set_text (micomando,"select FECHA from S1ADB112 where 
    mirecordset= gda_command_execute(micomando,&recount,flags);
    g_printf ( "Getting %d  entries \n " , recount ); 

    gda_command_free (micomando);	
    g_print("\nclosing connection...\n", provider);
The new gda-test.c compiled succefully.
 But after run it get the following message:

gda-connection.c: 69: gda_connection_real_error called
  Getting 134516457  entries 

** WARNING **: Errors still associated with gda_connection

   closing connection...

I have just two  or three records in this table.

What I ' m doing wrong 

Thank's (And sorry my poor english)


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