[gnome-db] GNOME 2 version now works


Yes, the subject says it all. The GNOME 2 version is now able (from the
GUI itself) to open a connection to the default provider :-)

This means that it is the time for all those 100s of people who were
waiting for this to happen to start contributing code to the GNOME 2
version. So, if you're one of those, you can now help adding new
providers, porting old providers, tweaking all the UI and porting all
missing functionality from the GNOME 1.x version.

One note: you can open connections, but you can't execute commands yet
:-) but this will come next.

For those who don't know, there are 3 modules:


you'll need to compile the 3 in a GNOME 2 environment (cvs co
vicious-build-scripts && emacs vicious-build-scripts/README)

Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> - <rodrigo ximian com>
http://www.gnome-db.org/ - http://www.ximian.com/

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