Re: [gnome-db] How do you start to do a program using gnome-db.

> I installed gnome-db, libgda, gda-postgres ...
> Would you have any litle program(only code source) for
> send me.

There's a very clear example in the libgda source tree, look for
testing/gda-test.c. It shows the basics of using gda, such as choosing a
provider, connecting and issuing commands.

> This would help me very much whit the learning.
> I very want to make a program using data base, and I
> would like to know where libgda enters and gnome-db .

libgda is the database access interface. All database operations are
performed by libgda. gnome-db, on the other hand, provides graphical
widgets (controls). 

Don't forget that there's documentation available! As you're Brazilian,
take a look at:

Have fun.

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